Austin, Texas – Xeris Pharmaceuticals recently announced the completion of its Series B stock offering which will allow the commercialization of their newest Diabetes Injectable Drug offerings. The funding will be used to promote their G-Pen (a glucagon injectable).

VISION™, a clinical electronic data capture system, was used as the platform to collect and monitor the data necessary to conduct the research for G-Pen. VISION is also currently being used to collect data on its other products including: G-Pen Mini™ and G-Pump™ both providing different means for quickly administering glucagon.

“We are excited about the success that Xeris has had with its products. We are proud to be a partner in helping them capture solid clinical data. These medications are going to have a tremendous impact on the lives of many millions of people living with diabetes.” Said Richard Tieken, CEO of Prelude Dynamics.

About Prelude Dynamics

Prelude Dynamics leverages innovative software-as-a-service technologies, best practices and study experience into a simple-to-use, customizable and robust Clinical Trials & Patient Management Solution referred to as VISION™. They offer unique and innovative research and clinical solutions to all areas of data capture and information awareness for the pharmaceutical industry, in all corners of the globe. Prelude Dynamics provides the tools and technology to easily build, maintain, observe, and perform successful clinical trials.


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