VISION Premium – Clinical Data Management

Complex trials and studies need a reliable and efficient method to record, access and share data. Enter Prelude Dynamics’ VISION™ Premium.
VISION™ Premium is the cornerstone of Prelude’s Clinical Trial Optimization Platform and the foundation for your custom study build. Regardless of complexity, patient population, national or international scope, etc. – when it comes to your study, Premium is the top of the line, full-service solution.

VISION™ Electronic Data Capture (EDC) capabilities are custom programmed to allow the collection of your specific study data, complete with edit checks or automatic queries, calculations and other custom logic. Premium also provides Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) functions such as just-in-time randomization, inventory management, invoicing, lab processing, document management and much more. Summaries, ad-hoc reports, descriptive statistics and graphing provide both monitoring and Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) functionality equalled by no other provider.

Running clinical trials is a complex process and tracking details is everything. Being able to monitor in real-time is essential in order to improve data quality. At Prelude Dynamics we understand how critical the clinical trial is as part of the pharmaceutical or medical device life cycle and through our Premium offering we help you leverage all its custom software solutions to provide you with the best system possible.

Premium not only collects data, but helps all study operations run more smoothly and efficiently. It helps streamline tedious work like inventory management and invoicing by integrating it into the natural work flow of monitoring freeing up a lot of time to be spent doing more critical study tasks.

VISION™ Premium’s easy to navigate layout is clean and extremely user-friendly.
Premium Features
Premium presents a study overview to allow for an at-a-glance view of progress and answer queries quickly and efficiently, thanks to form states.

Any and all data entered into Premium is immediately scrubbed, cleaned and checked as it enters the site. Data is checked for errors and calculations, reducing the burden on the Coordinator or Monitor and reducing overall human error. Fields that are detected as inaccurate are plainly marked for closer inspection.

You also have the ability to generate or adjust and add to dynamic forms for unscheduled visits or updates. This gives you the ability to use different sets of forms for different patients or sites.

Premium also has the ability to generate DSMB and other reports for safety and queries at a moment’s notice and alert study participants of updates via email or task notifications in addition to:

  • Scoring of Patient Instruments
  • Dynamic Page Space
  • Limited Data Entry to Valid Selections
  • And more

Premium’s web-based functionality allows for information to be accessed, shared and updated anywhere there’s a connection, even utilizing a data storage and backup system to ensure no data will be lost during sharing.

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