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Prelude Returns to Speak & Exhibit at 2019 SQA Annual Conference

Prelude Dynamics is thrilled to be returning as the premiere EDC exhibitor at this year’s 2019 Annual Society of Quality Assurance Conference in Atlanta. We are excited to exhibit and engage with SQA members on the increasing demands of electronic data capture in...

What is Electronic Data Capture?

When conducting a clinical trial, you know the importance of your data. Not only do you need to design your study well, but you also need to ensure that it is entered correctly and stored securely and that it remains accessible to each member of your study team....

Prelude Dynamics Releases Latest VISION Software Upgrade

Prelude Dynamics Releases New Software Version: VISION 10.0 - Exceptional User Experience and Industry-Driven Enhancements  Prelude Dynamics, LLC, has recently announced the release of its latest software upgrade, VISION 10.0. The new version includes many new...


Cardiac Health Registry
Great Ape Heart Project

New database helps global zoo community investigate and understand cardiovascular disease in great apes.