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Best Practices in Clinical Trial Application Grantsmanship

Applying for a clinical trial grant can sometimes feel like turning in a high school English paper. You could turn in the same exact paper on a different day of the month and get very different grades based on factors that seem out of your control (like whether the...

Exciting Updates to the VISION DIY Study Builder!

The VISION 10.8 maintenance release is now available and is being rolled out to live studies. This release includes some much-anticipated enhancements, which were developed to facilitate the experience of both study builders and end users. Let’s look at a few of these...

Introducing the VISION SOP Manager

Why use two different systems to manage clinical data and SOPs? Organizations who use VISION™ will be interested to know that Prelude Dynamics offers an out-of-the-box SOP Management tool.  This flexible tool is implemented using VISION and supports all the familiar...

VISION + IDEXX Labs – a Powerful Partnership

Prelude Dynamics’ VISION™ platform is the only EDC that provides an electronic interface with IDEXX labs – making VISION the preferred EDC in animal health. This interface greatly reduces the errors inherent in manual reporting, which saves clinicians and pet owners...


Cardiac Health Registry
Great Ape Heart Project

New database helps global zoo community investigate and understand cardiovascular disease in great apes.