Site Recruitment Database

A Pre-Built registry, sold as-is for monthly or annual subscription, our Site Recruitment Registry offers Site Initiation and Site Qualification.

As a Sponsor or CRO you can create sites and users within the registry and send a logon to those sites being considered for a new study. Those targeted sites can logon and fill out forms/questionnaires about their capabilities, clinical resources, and potential patient eligibility based on the aim and scope of a trial. You can (hidden from site) make evaluations and document the merits of each site, grade them based on past performance, and Q/A with the site for further info. You can include which studies the site was in and how they performed on that study. Metrics like number of deviations, time to answer queries, enrollment, etc..

Additionally, our recruitment registry allows for sites to self-register, making themselves available for future consideration in any trials for which they may be suitable.

Our Site Recruitment Registry allows you to more quickly and easily determine suitability of sites around the globe for your upcoming trial/study and reach out to them for possible participation.

VISION™ Pre-Built // monthly or annual subscription
  • Global Registry
  • Site Initiation
  • Site Demographics
  • Site Qualification
  • Site Metrics
  • Q&A
  • Self-registration