AUSTIN, TX – April 14, 2016 – Prelude enhances automated IDEXX and Marshfield lab data representations to include both tabular and non-tabular formats.

Data managers and Biostatistitians now have a choice when exporting lab data in studies that use IDEXX and Marshfield labs as their lab of choice. The data can be exported in a tabular or non-tabular format, whichever suits their need for analysis.

This is an important enhancement as the automated computer-to-computer lab interface that allows both IDEXX and Marshfield to send lab data directly to VISION™ provides the data in a non-tabular format. Previously only the non-tabular export format was available.

This new enhancement translates the non-tabular format to a tabular format that often is preferred by data managers for use in their analysis. While data managers and biostatisticians can do this conversion themselves within their statistical software, it is a time consuming task that no longer needs to occur with the use of this enhanced automated lab interface.

Prelude Dynamics is an industry leader at providing innovative software-as-a-service technology solutions for clinical trials across the globe. The company’s flagship product, VISION, offers secure and configurable data capture and information awareness tools for the advancement of human and animal health, compliant with FDA/CVM and EMEA regulations. VISION™ facilitates real-time data collection, querying, cleaning, reporting, and analysis all based on the needs of the researchers. The company was established in 2003 with a goal to speed the study process, improve data quality, and facilitate easy data entry through automation.

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