AUSTIN, TX – November 5, 2016 – Prelude Dynamics now has integrated statistics and graphing functionality.

Prelude announces its new, integrated statistics and graphing functionality in VISION™. With the statistics and graphing module, any field combination can be selected to generate statistics and graphs as long as the user has permission to view those fields. Statistics include: mean, median, maximum, minimum, 95% confidence interval and standard deviation. Once set up, statistics are generated in real-time and can be shared; there is no need to worry if a user is masked as VISION™ automatically will ensure the user that was shared with will only see what they have permission to see. This is just another way in which Prelude is providing customers with a simple, standardized and streamlined Clinical Trial Optimization Platform (CTOP).

Prelude Dynamics is an industry leader at providing innovative software-as-a-service technology solutions for clinical trials across the globe. The company’s flagship product, VISION™, offers secure and configurable data capture and information awareness tools for the advancement of human and animal health, compliant with FDA/CVM and EMEA regulations. VISION™ facilitates real-time data collection, querying, cleaning, reporting, and analysis all based on the needs of the researchers. The company was established in 2003 with a goal to speed the study process, improve data quality, and facilitate easy data entry through automation.

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