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Prelude Dynamics has simplified and streamlined Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Data Management and Project Management all into one eCRF design tool that will change the way your trial data is recorded and shared

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Form Libraries

Re-use study forms with stored naming conventions and edit checks to save time with future study builds.

Auto Data Cleaning

Add edit checks, calculations and logic to automate more than 80% of data cleaning and monitoring.

On-Demand Reporting

Contains integrated Clinical Data Management Tools such as reporting statistics, graphs, and a configurable dashboard so you can focus on the important information.

Archive in Minutes

Create your own XML, HTML visual archive, or PDF archives with the click of a button (after selecting the desired parameters).

Completely Customizable

With Composer, users are able to develop quality EDC solutions quickly with minimal training.

Seamless Study Build

Build forms quickly with an easy drag and drop interface – most studies can be built in 2-3 days complete with edit checks.

Create Site Forms

Create site forms to capture and track inventory making it easy to ensure the site has the on hand meds they need to conduct the study.


Quick Database Lock

Control the locking of the database, which can occur within days of the last subject visit.

Cross-Form Skip Logic

Skip logic can be used across forms to be able to reduce bias and improve site experience in entering study data.

One Web-based Solution

Once a study has been built, this web-based CTMS can be run within VISION, cutting out the need for third party software, and can be accessed anywhere.

Composer Forms

Composer also comes with a library of predefined Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) that can easily be integrated into any study. These predefined forms are standard eCRFs which are frequently used in clinical trials and studies and will significantly decrease the time required to build a GCP-compliant study.

Predefined forms include demographics, deviations, visit logs, notes to file, eligibility, adverse events, concomitant medication, and study completion.

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