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Our unique study build process is second to none and we pride ourselves on developing robust, user friendly, and powerful eClinical solutions.  Your Prelude Dynamics Project Manager will work directly with you to implement your study, coordinate testing efforts, support you throughout study conduct, and ensure your study closeout is done efficiently and professionally.

Study Build

Phase 1: Study Build

It all starts with your protocol. A thorough review is performed as we begin engaging our 8-step study development process. Our team works directly with your clinical staff to refine study requirements with real time requests being processed and addressed with our in-platform feedback feature. What’s more, our system generates as-built study specs for Data Managers, while our internal QA monitors and signs off on every step in the process. The only thing left to do is go live!

Study Conduct

Phase 2: Study Conduct

Learn to use VISION like a pro.  Web-based and in-person training options are available to make sure you get the most out of what VISION has to offer. Our “Train the Trainer” approach, ensures that you have a VISION expert within your own company.  We offer a comprehensive User Manual, in-study training videos, and a 24/7 help desk, to make sure your questions are always answered.

Study Closeout

Phase 3: Study Closeout

Ready to wrap things up? VISION makes study close out simple.  Lock all forms or individual forms with our robust database lock/unlock feature. Data Managers can perform remote monitoring and data analysis at closeout, as they prepare for the study archive. One of the best VISION features is the ability to export to XML for statistical analysis.  When it’s time to archive, we offer and deliver a certified multi-format archive consisting of Flat XML, Native XML, and HTML files. Sites receive their individual HTML archive, so they are left fully prepared for any regulatory audits and study reviews.

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