eLab 2-way Lab Interface

Prelude’s eLab two-way lab interface eliminates the need for paper lab submission as well as hand-entered lab results.  eLab facilitates a real-time, auto-upload capability between the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and your study in VISION™ that uploads lab result data directly into the EDC.


Simply scan the lab sample (barcode, RFID) and fill out the e-order form in VISION™. When you click Save, VISION™ sends a digital message to the lab containing that e-order form. When the lab sample arrives, the Laboratory scans the lab sample, which then automatically populates the correct data in the LIMS. After the results are ready, they are digitally transferred via the eLab interface to VISION™, populating the correct visit or form within your study.


VISION™ is set up to automatically receive lab results in a variety of formats (xml, txt, csv). Traditionally, the study sites would need to wait for the lab results to be ready and faxed to their clinic. With VISION™’s eLab interface, the LIMS system can automate sending lab results to the study in real-time. VISION™ will then auto populate your study with the results, allowing study personnel to review and comment on the results. Data managers can extract pertinent lab information as well through the VISION™ EDC, including but not limited to subject ids, date of lab sample, test results, test names, normal ranges, units and clinically significant flags.

The frequency of loading the data is dependent upon the “frequency of the file transfers” as agreed to with the contracted Laboratory and Protocol requirements. As a result the file transfers typically happen daily or in real-time from the LIMS system.

VISION™ Extension // contracted per study

*eLab 2-way lab interface is currently available when contracting with Marshfield Labs. However, the lab interface can be built with any willing lab.