Digital Paper & EDC App

Out in the fields or inside the barns, sometimes a reliable Internet connection can be hard to come by, if there is one at all. In these cases, professionals often must rely on the error prone method of recording with a pen and paper. However, a lack of an Internet connection should not compromise or disrupt a study.

Digital Paper is an offline Electronic Data Capture (EDC) app developed to work with VISION™ tools and accommodate studies that may operate in a field environment.

Digital Paper Offline
Digital Paper supplements VISION™ with data presentation and data entry, as well as RFID and bar code scanner compatibilities, on your smart phone or tablet when Internet is not available. This application uses a simplified version of your previously designed Case Report Form (CRF), better formatted and suited for entry on a smaller screen.

All data used by Digital Paper is encrypted and the app is pre-configured to allow for more than one VISION™ study to operate at the same time, even if both are offline.

Digital Paper Features
• Blinding/Masking – Operates on Digital Paper just as it would on any other VISION format, allowing for multiple users on different and shared devices using different logins.

Audit Trail – Digital Paper keeps an electronic tally of all data modifications, including the user’s identifier, date and time, and the device’s ID.

Manual Synchronize – Can be utilized when/if a user is preparing to lose Internet connectivity abruptly.

Seamless Disabling – Once a study has been completed, this app can be safely removed from the device since the VISION database contains all raw data that was entered.

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