CTMS – Clinical Trial Management System

Our Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) solution gives you Study Demographics, Site-level forms and the ability to add Patients to your trial but no actual patient forms outside of their demographic info. Patients are assigned a unique ID and a checklist of visit schedule dates. The sponsor has the ability to track the patients throughout the trial. Included is a file upload mechanism so you can upload multiple documents for each visit. e.g., a scanned PDF form or photo of a wound.

Additionally, CTMS includes document management and invoicing modules where you can process payments and organize any pertinent or minor study-related documentation. Extra functions include budgeting and task assignments that help you set milestones and goals and check progress. CTMS also has the option to include the full EDC functionality with electronic CRFs if you so desire. Typically CTMS allows managing multiple studies in one place. This doesn’t mean the eCRFs are all in one area, but the management is aggregated across studies. With this add-on you have the choice to do cross-study or single-study management.

CTMS gives you the ability to configure the management system that works for your team and your trial.

VISION™ Pre-Built // monthly or annual subscription
  • Study Demographics
  • Site-level Forms
  • File Upload
  • Document Management
  • Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Patient ID & Demographics
  • Patient Tracking
  • Visit Schedule
  • Task Assignments
  • EDC functionality (optional)