Prelude CTO, Alicia Browner, will Join Dynamic Panel of Data Tech Experts to Speak at the 2019 SCDM Annual Conference

The 2019 SCDM Annual Conference, the World’s No. 1 Clinical Data Management Event, will be held September 29 – October 2 in Baltimore, Maryland. Every year, business and industry leaders gather to discuss advances in DM and new technologies that are driving clinical trials and regulatory standards of best practice.

SCDM is focused on improving data strategies that promote innovation, while maintaining data integrity. Sharing in these enthusiasms, Prelude Dynamics is proud to partner up to exhibit and speak at this year’s premier data management event.

Alicia Browner, Ph.D., Prelude’s Chief Technology Officer, will join an astute panel of experts that will discuss artificial intelligence in clinical trials and how it is empowering organizations to take their data to the next level.  Attendees will learn how AI is the key to cleaner data and faster outcomes – introducing them to techniques that will save time while managing large data sets.

Panel Session Details:

  • Session 23 – “Getting Out of the Weeds – Using AI and Strategic Data Analysis Approaches to Monitor Studies” with Alicia Browner  |  Tuesday, October 01, 2019: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

 [Note: Make sure to check the SCDM program schedule for any updates in speaking sessions and times]

Prelude Dynamics is honored to be given the opportunity to contribute to meaningful conversations on compliance and data quality as more clinical trials are integrating with EDC platforms.

Stop by booth, #602, to get a first-hand sneak-peek of Prelude’s most exciting software upgrade yet, VISION 10.0™! There will be team members on-hand to provide demos and answer any related questions.

For more information about SCDM and to register, please visit

See you in Baltimore!!

Prelude Returns to Speak & Exhibit at 2019 SQA Annual Conference

Prelude Dynamics is thrilled to be returning as the premiere EDC exhibitor at this year’s 2019 Annual Society of Quality Assurance Conference in Atlanta. We are excited to exhibit and engage with SQA members on the increasing demands of electronic data capture in conducting human and animal clinical trials.

Make sure to drop by our booth #’s: 319 & 320 on 4/30-5/01, Tuesday through Wednesday, to get a first-hand sneak-peek of our most exciting software upgrade yet, VISION 10.0™! We will have Prelude members on-hand to give demos and answer any questions you may have.

We are also pleased to announce three of our executive members, Dr. Alicia Browner, Ph.D. (CTO); Richard Tieken (President); and Dr. Karina Loyo, Ph.D. (Director of Clinical Research Services), will be featured on panels and roundtable discussions over the course of the conference.

They will be speaking on the following topics:

  • Audit Trails: “Over the River and Through the Woods: Following the Audit Trail” with Alicia Browner
  • EDC Challenges and Opportunities: Challenges and Opportunities Using Electronic Data Capture Systems in Animal Health Studies” with Richard Tieken
  • Best Practices to Build a Study: “The Secrets of a Good Study Build: What You Wish You Knew” roundtable discussion with Karina Loyo
  • IT Compliance: 90-minute Session “Open Microphone with CVIC” with Richard Tieken

[Note: Make sure to check the SQA program schedule for their exact speaking sessions and times]

As the only attending EDC provider at SQA, we are honored to be given the opportunity to contribute to meaningful conversations on compliance and data quality as more clinical trials are integrating with EDC platforms. So, make sure to visit us at our booth, or attend one of our speaking sessions during the conference and see the #1 EDC platform for human and animal health in action!

We hope to see you in Atlanta!!

How a Clinical Trial Data Management System Can Support Your Work

When you are running a clinical trial, you would like your systems to operate smoothly and your data to be secure and reliable. With a powerful data management system, you can put more of your focus on the clinical aspects of your trial while your system keeps all the details in place and running properly. The key is to find the clinical trial data management system that will afford you the freedom to work and the knowledge that all your data, financials, and regulatory controls are properly addressed.

Powerful Data Management

Your clinical trial hinges on data. With the right data management system from Prelude Dynamics, you can be sure the data will be secure and accessible at any time. You also get the flexibility of working with your data, accessing the reports you need, and sharing them with stakeholders.

Increased Efficiency

A major benefit of a powerful clinical trial data management system is the increased efficiency it affords your study team. By providing simple access and intuitive controls, all of your team members can stay on the same page, avoid redundancy, and eliminate errors to make your overall efforts more efficient and effective.

Greater Collaboration

An online data management system offers ease of access to trial participants in far-flung locations. Participants can enter data, and trial managers can run reports and update information seamlessly so each trial partner can instantly see updated information.


Along with access across varied locations, an online data management system allows for greater scalability. Trials can expand in scope, larger follow up trials can utilize the same design, and new trials can be designed using existing templates for greater efficiency and reliability.

Streamlined Financial Controls

Keep track of all financial transactions, record financial information, and track billing seamlessly to ensure that every penny is accounted for and all regulations are followed.

Reliable Regulatory Processes

Input regulatory data and maintain ease of access and sharing with an online data management system. The system also provides simple updates to regulatory information that will keep all participants informed.

Contact Prelude Dynamics to learn more about VISION and how we can transform your clinical trial data management, no matter the size or design of your trial.

What is Electronic Data Capture?

When conducting a clinical trial, you know the importance of your data. Not only do you need to design your study well, but you also need to ensure that it is entered correctly and stored securely and that it remains accessible to each member of your study team. Electronic data capture (EDC) has come a long way in the field and now offers more seamless features to reduce human error, save time, and make data more readily accessible.

Electronic Data Capture Ends Transcribing Errors

One of the main issues that arise during a clinical trial is the cumbersome process of entering data correctly. In the past, this meant recording data on paper and eventually entering that information into a database. The process involved a lot of moving parts that could lead to errors during data input or transcribing. It also meant significant delays in accessing data.

Electronic data capture puts those issues in the past and significantly streamlines the process of recording and accessing data. Using an online platform, data is entered and securely stored. This eliminates the added steps associated with transcription, thereby reducing the probability of human error. It also saves your team time, affording you greater focus on the clinical aspects of your study.

The Future of Electronic Data Capture

Prelude Dynamics takes electronic data capture a step further by simplifying and streamlining the process. Using simple online forms that require very little training, all members of your study team can input data into a secure database. Each entry is visible and updated in real time, so you have instant access to your data in its latest form.

Our team stands ready to assist you with the transition to our system. Training and data transfer are simple, and support is always available.

Make your clinical trial data management work for you. You get powerful data management in its simplest form, so your data is reliable and your processes streamlined. Contact us today.

Prelude Dynamics Releases Latest VISION Software Upgrade

Prelude Dynamics Releases New Software Version: VISION 10.0 – Exceptional User Experience and Industry-Driven Enhancements 

Prelude Dynamics, LLC, has recently announced the release of its latest software upgrade, VISION 10.0. The new version includes many new features in Composer, VISION’s do-it-yourself study builder, including enhanced usability, additional form logic and bulk editing capabilities for a more efficient study build experience. Monitors will enjoy the new risk-based-monitoring tools and streamlined report creation. As the #1 Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software in animal health, Prelude Dynamics offers a premium EDC solution for both human and animal clinical trials at affordable pricing. VISION 10.0 simplifies data monitoring practices, streamlines study cycles and accelerates approved submissions to the FDA and the Center of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). As quoted from Richard Tieken, the President of Prelude Dynamics,

Prelude has been advancing the conduct of clinical trials internationally with automation for 15 years. VISION 10.0 continues the excellence and has included significant improvements to fulfill the needs of our Full-service and DIY clients.  We know what Data Managers find useful, because we also do that job!  Our clients see results that ease building, managing, and submitting clinical data to FDA/CVM and EMA, and our clients should see even more successful submissions with VISION 10.0.

With this release, users can expect significant functionality enhancements to data capture, data analytics, and data exportation within an improved and friendlier user interface that is also more optimized for mobile-device and offline data capture. Some note-worthy enhancements include:

  • Form libraries to save and re-use forms from past studies
  • Automated invoicing functionality by site
  • A new two-way lab interface with Marshfield Labs that enables automatic submission directly to the lab without manual intervention from the sites
  • Improved AE and ConMed dictionary coding capabilities
  • Enhanced export capabilities including CDISC export format and greater data format configurations
  • A built-in risk-based monitoring tool that highlights the most critical fields in the study as it progresses (AI driven)

Tommy Jackson, COO at Prelude Dynamics, is excited for the release,

Efficiency and compliance are top of mind to every sponsor and CRO with whom we’ve interacted. The enhancements to VISION Composer were specifically designed to address these demands. We are excited for clinicians and data managers to be introduced to an affordable EDC alternative with the same or greater level of functionality and compliance than they are used to.

Focusing on a seamless user experience, Composer offers a fresh new look and reboot to its graphical user interface (GUI), now enabling form building and study schedule assembly all in one central place. Building, copying, and organizing study forms is now easier than ever with a form library that collects previously-built forms and stores them for use in future, per-client Composer studies. Site invoicing, a feature previously only available in the full-service version of VISION, is now configurable within the tool and a new standout feature that tracks site payments and study milestones within the DIY tool. This is just one of the multiple customizable features and functions to be expected in this year’s product release. Prelude Dynamics is focused on the future of animal and human health clinical trial advancement, leveraging industry-driven software updates to its EDC platform and enabling clients to build and configure faster, more complex study protocols in one encompassing product platform with greater data accuracy.

Four more Project Managers received CCDM Certification

Senior project managers Anita Iyer, Amy Ashford and Andrew Tieken, and project manager, Corina Bereanu passed the Certified Clinical Data Manager exam this week. The CCDM Certification represents the highest level of knowledge, education and experience in clinical data management.

Alicia Browner, Chief Technology Officer at Prelude said, “Our Clients deserve the best trained staff in the industry. Prelude is committed to both quality and excellence in data management. Our investment in our staff shows that we have attained this high level of achievement. Our Clients can be confident in choosing Prelude as their EDC partner.”

With a total of 6 project managers having received the Society of Clinical Data Management’s Certified Clinical Data Management certification, Prelude is well on its way to becoming a SCDM CCDM® industry partner.