Four more Project Managers received CCDM Certification

Senior project managers Anita Iyer, Amy Ashford and Andrew Tieken, and project manager, Corina Bereanu passed the Certified Clinical Data Manager exam this week. The CCDM Certification represents the highest level of knowledge, education and experience in clinical data management.

Alicia Browner, Chief Technology Officer at Prelude said, “Our Clients deserve the best trained staff in the industry. Prelude is committed to both quality and excellence in data management. Our investment in our staff shows that we have attained this high level of achievement. Our Clients can be confident in choosing Prelude as their EDC partner.”

With a total of 6 project managers having received the Society of Clinical Data Management’s Certified Clinical Data Management certification, Prelude is well on its way to becoming a SCDM CCDM® industry partner.

Dr. Alicia Browner participates in Artificial Intelligence Panel at SQA CVIC Meeting

Alicia Browner, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Prelude Dynamics, presented today at the Society of Quality Assurance CVIC Meeting. Dr. Browner was selected to present as one of the panelist on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care and clinical trials.

The presentation focused on approaches to validation and how the FDA treats artificial intelligence technologies. The ultimate goal of AI is to get the computer to think and act like humans with the focus on thinking and acting rationally in order to be able to perform some of the functions we currently rely on humans to do. Currently, popular AI include Alexa, Siri and Sophia, all of which can do the simple task of looking for and retrieving information and sometime taking action such as playing a song. Yet, AI could do so much more.

Dr. Browner worked with neural networks and optimization in aerospace before founding Prelude Dynamics. She is currently developing an AI risk-based monitoring (RBM) tool to aid clinical study monitors in managing and monitoring the data. VISION™ Clinical Trial Optimization Platform already contains an innovative technology in its dictionary coding function. The function instantaneously matches the best options as the user types, allowing them to quickly select from a dictionary like WHO Drug, that contains over 300,000 entries. This IntelliMatch functionality is also used in search, reports, and exports as well as in the combo fields. Prelude is also planning to augment this technology with a learning algorithm to help offer the most prevalent options.

Dr. Browner said, “AI is going to change the landscape of clinical research. At Prelude we are strategically implementing our AI strategy and helping lead the industry into its implementation.”

Applications in artificial intelligence use methodologies to present knowledge, plan, process natural language, perceive things like speech, facial and object recognition, move (motion, as in robotics), and have social intelligence. One of the challenges, as an example, is that communication is known to be 80% or more non-verbal. So how do you teach a computer to understand that? The current strategy is machine learning.

Machine learning is the process of teaching a computer to learn by providing it with information and learning experiences. Initially, programmers teach the computer to learn through supervised learning. The end goal is for the computer to learn unsupervised. In order to accomplish this, technologies such as Baysian Networks, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms can be applied to assist decision making.

Senior Project Manager received CCDM Certification

Senior Project Manager, Jasmine Granado, passed the Certified Clinical Data Manager exam today. Jasmine’s passing this exam represents her attainment of the highest level of knowledge, education and experience in clinical data management. Alicia Browner, Chief Technology Officer at Prelude said, “Our Company is committed to excellence, not only in our technology, but also in our people. We congratulate Jasmine on obtaining certification. She is an excellent project manager and we were confident she would pass.” With Jasmine’s certification Prelude is one step closer to achieving SCDM’s designation of CCDM® industry partner, a designation only held by 14 other companies in 2017.

First CCDM designation received by Staff

Congratulations to Dr. Karina Loyo for becoming the first in our office to be a Certified Clinical Data Manager by the Society of Clinical Data Managers. Dr. Loyo passed the certification exam on August 22nd. This represents the first step towards SCDM industry partner certification for Prelude.

Prelude’s staff are integral in implementing best clinical data management practices to Client’s studies. Gaining recognition through SCDM’s CCDM certification provides an independent qualification and assurance to our clients about the quality of the staff they interact with and who manage their studies.

Richard Tieken, CEO, said, “We want every client to know they are in the best hands possible. Providing staff who are Certified Clinical Data Managers is just one way in which we continue to elevate the bar of excellence for our customer service, and show our commitment to the industry to always be at the leading edge of technology.” Prelude expects for other project managers to obtain their CCDM in the near future and is on track to achieve SCDM’s designation of CCDM® Industry Partner in the following months.

Prelude Commits to Excellence in Data Management

Clients trust Prelude’s expertise in helping them with their electronic data capture (EDC) and data management needs. This trust has been honed through years of dedication to providing the gold-standard in EDC functionality.  We have taken VISION™ beyond EDC to provide an all-in-one comprehensive platform that provides not only EDC, but also Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) functionality.

Now, Prelude is taking our excellence in Data Management to the next level by committing to obtain recognition from the Society of Clinical Data Management as an industry partner in Data Management Excellence. Obtaining this designation is no easy feat. At least 25% of all personnel or a minimum of 10 employees engaged in data management must be Certified Clinical Data Managers (CCDM). The CCDM certification exam is comprehensive and rigorous. The passing rate is around 55% of those who take the exam. Currently, there are less than 20 industry partners.  Achieving it truly represents excellence in data management.

Prelude is committed to obtaining the SCDM CCDM Data Management Industry Partner status in the next 6 months.

Richard Tieken, CEO at Prelude said, “Showing our clients that they are dealing with only the best and most qualified company is as important to us as making sure our Client’s data is clean and safe. Becoming an industry partner is a natural step in letting our Clients know how committed we are to ensuring excellence in our software system and in their data.”

About half of Prelude’s staff is directly engaged in data management functions which include project management and building of studies. All project managers currently meet the qualifications to take the certification exam and most of them have already been approved to take it.