How a Clinical Trial Data Management System Can Support Your Work

When you are running a clinical trial, you would like your systems to operate smoothly and your data to be secure and reliable. With a powerful data management system, you can put more of your focus on the clinical aspects of your trial while your system keeps all the details in place and running properly. The key is to find the clinical trial data management system that will afford you the freedom to work and the knowledge that all your data, financials, and regulatory controls are properly addressed.

Powerful Data Management

Your clinical trial hinges on data. With the right data management system from Prelude Dynamics, you can be sure the data will be secure and accessible at any time. You also get the flexibility of working with your data, accessing the reports you need, and sharing them with stakeholders.

Increased Efficiency

A major benefit of a powerful clinical trial data management system is the increased efficiency it affords your study team. By providing simple access and intuitive controls, all of your team members can stay on the same page, avoid redundancy, and eliminate errors to make your overall efforts more efficient and effective.

Greater Collaboration

An online data management system offers ease of access to trial participants in far-flung locations. Participants can enter data, and trial managers can run reports and update information seamlessly so each trial partner can instantly see updated information.


Along with access across varied locations, an online data management system allows for greater scalability. Trials can expand in scope, larger follow up trials can utilize the same design, and new trials can be designed using existing templates for greater efficiency and reliability.

Streamlined Financial Controls

Keep track of all financial transactions, record financial information, and track billing seamlessly to ensure that every penny is accounted for and all regulations are followed.

Reliable Regulatory Processes

Input regulatory data and maintain ease of access and sharing with an online data management system. The system also provides simple updates to regulatory information that will keep all participants informed.

Contact Prelude Dynamics to learn more about VISION and how we can transform your clinical trial data management, no matter the size or design of your trial.

What is Electronic Data Capture?

When conducting a clinical trial, you know the importance of your data. Not only do you need to design your study well, but you also need to ensure that it is entered correctly and stored securely and that it remains accessible to each member of your study team. Electronic data capture (EDC) has come a long way in the field and now offers more seamless features to reduce human error, save time, and make data more readily accessible.

Electronic Data Capture Ends Transcribing Errors

One of the main issues that arise during a clinical trial is the cumbersome process of entering data correctly. In the past, this meant recording data on paper and eventually entering that information into a database. The process involved a lot of moving parts that could lead to errors during data input or transcribing. It also meant significant delays in accessing data.

Electronic data capture puts those issues in the past and significantly streamlines the process of recording and accessing data. Using an online platform, data is entered and securely stored. This eliminates the added steps associated with transcription, thereby reducing the probability of human error. It also saves your team time, affording you greater focus on the clinical aspects of your study.

The Future of Electronic Data Capture

Prelude Dynamics takes electronic data capture a step further by simplifying and streamlining the process. Using simple online forms that require very little training, all members of your study team can input data into a secure database. Each entry is visible and updated in real time, so you have instant access to your data in its latest form.

Our team stands ready to assist you with the transition to our system. Training and data transfer are simple, and support is always available.

Make your clinical trial data management work for you. You get powerful data management in its simplest form, so your data is reliable and your processes streamlined. Contact us today.