GCP and GLP study data collected using VISION has been used for

   successful product approvals with CVM, EMA, EPA, USDA. VISION is

      21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, and GDPR compliant allowing you full

         confidence in your submissions.

              CLINICAL AREAS






Reduced Learning Curve for Sites

When eCRFs look like paper forms, study personnel can enter data more intuitively and naturally – reducing errors and increasing technology adoption.

Enhancement the Pet Parent’s Experience

VISION’s ePRO app allows data to be directly entered into a mobile device for quick, contemporaneous capture. Notifications ensure schedule compliance.

Increase Lab Data Integrity

VISION’s one-of-a-kind electronic IDEXX interface posts data directly from the LIMS to the study database, thus eliminating manual upload and transcription errors.

Encourage Remote Participation with eConsent

Tired of managing paper consent documents? Having trouble getting humans into the clinic? VISION eConsent facilitates remote participation.

Close the Gap between Closeout and Submission

Clean data as it’s entered, leaving less work for QA and monitors and ensuring data is submission-ready at study closeout time, Clean data is King.

Speed SIte Payment and Reduce Invoice QC

With VISION Invoicing, invoiceable events (e.g, visits, lab samples, exams) are automatically posted when complete. Motivate sites with timely payments.

Accelerate Data Entry for Multiple Animals

With grid-based data entry, data for multiple animals can be entered on one form and then automatically posted to the individual animal forms. Form Fits Function.

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