Academic Research

Prelude’s cutting-edge VISION™ tools are the perfect solution for fast and efficient academic research for universities, medical schools, and research institutions worldwide. Because of our experience working with these kinds of institutions, we not only understand the importance and impact that this kind of research has but also the obstacles, limitations and unique problems these individuals and teams face.
VISION™ is a solution for numerous aspects of academic research such as:

  • Funding & Resources – Prelude Dynamics and VISION™ can help you put together improved grant proposals to get your funding approved and your research started.
  • Time & Money – Efficiency and ease of use drastically reduce research timelines and expenses.
  • Communication – Our web-based capabilities allow for easy access and fast team collaboration anywhere across the globe.
  • Data Management – VISION™ provides safe, easy, unified, and comprehensive data entry and management.
  • Interdisciplinary Struggles – We assist you with the set up and training of our solutions so you know exactly how to best utilize the technology for your needs.
  • Idea Development – Real-time data feedback quickly allows for interpretation and identification of new trends and ideas.
VISION™ is a complete research support and data management system that can allow you to expand your capabilities, broaden the scope of your research and streamline the process in all phases and areas of research.

"The data entry is simple, and the global list of patients can be visualized easily."

"Once you get used to entering the data, it's very helpful navigating each and every step of the patient screening process."

"Once learned it was easy to see the visits in the left column and the headers for the multiple tabs. It was also easy to go back and forth between the studies and the site regulatory documents."

"One database for everything - regulatory, EDC, Invoicing, etc. Plus, it sends notifications of queries."

"It is definitely helpful as all the study related data, documents are in one place."

"I also like the PI sign-offs right where you enter SAEs, and that the PI can modify wording easily right on the form."

"The database overall is just lovely - innovative, convenient, way more advanced and efficient than I am used to as a coordinator, entering data."

"I liked the fact that I was sent an email when I had something to address, such as a query."

"The layout of the tab system is great. You can easily see what you have done and what needs to be completed."

"All EDCs are intimidating for a newbie, but VISION has one of the lowest learning curves of commercial EDC products. Also, the functionality in terms of form design is very good."

"I have worked with several EDC systems for the past 25 years, and VISION is superior to all."