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about us: You may know what we do.. But you may not know who we are or how we got here.

Meet Richard Tieken

In 2003 a former NASA software engineer visited a clinic, struck up a conversation with some clinicians, and observed that they were having trouble keeping up with subject data such as visit dates, treatments, and outcomes.  Richard is an innovative and analytic guy who, in addition to his work in the space shuttle program, was also instrumental in the development of an Air Battle Mission Planning system at Lockheed.  He thought, “I can make this better” and decided to do something to help.

He developed a prototype EDC and shared it with the clinicians he met.  They liked the prototype, and wanted to use it, but wanted it to do even more!  Richard reached out to his former Lockheed associate, Alicia Browner, and asked her if she’d like to contribute.

Enter, Alicia Browner

Alicia holds a Ph. D. in mathematics and is the queen of algorithms.  She developed the Target/Weapon pairing optimization algorithm used in Lockheed’s Air Battle Mission Planning system, worked on modeling weapons trajectories for General Dynamics, and is “wicked smart”.  So, was she interested in implementing a randomization algorithm for the prototype EDC? Absolutely!

She saw the current state of the art for clinical trial software and recognized the need for better tools and more automation.  This need lit a fire in her mathematical soul and fueled her devotion to moving the bar higher.

Introducing Prelude Dynamics and the VISION™ EDC

Alicia and Richard continued to work on VISION™ features and functionality in collaboration with clinicians. They used the rapid-prototyping development model they used in the DOD environment to incorporate actual user experiences into product design – which naturally resulted in a more usable product. Users love systems they have an influence on!

Their previous experience in the DOD world allowed them to design a unique architecture for the VISION™ EDC that is more flexible and powerful than any other. This architecture allows us to develop and deploy sophisticated studies with fewer resources.

What drives them now? Both are committed to making a difference in the clinical world. They see the benefit, both for humans and other animals, of getting valuable and life-saving products to market more quickly. They are also quite interested in the new digital world represented by the Internet of Things (IOT) and look forward to the opportunities presented by this new technology.

Our Team

Prelude has grown since 2003, and we how have a hard-working team of software engineers, project managers, information technologists, and sales and marketing and finance professionals.

We aren’t a large company, but we make up for that with innovative ideas and a strong dedication to the needs of the clinical trial community. Nothing drives us harder than enhancing our software and services to provide the very best. We truly are your eClinical trial partners and are here to help you through every step in the process.